002: Personality and Social Psychology with Dr. Robin Edelstein

We talked to Dr. Robin Edelstein of the University of Michigan. She researches how personality influences peoples’ interpersonal relationships. She’s also a member of division 8 of the APA, the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. We also talked about personality tests, attachment styles, and other related topics. 

If you want to learn more about personality psychology, this YouTube playlist covers the basics of personality theory.

The silly personality tests we took and many others can be found here, on BuzzFeed.

Here is a link to the Big Five, the most highly regarded personality inventory available today. Here’s the real MBTI, which costs $50. We used 16 Personalities, but the Open Extended Jungian Type Scales is 100% free and even more accurate. 

Open Psychometrics has lots of other fun, free, and well-researched personality inventories, like the Dark Triad and the Fisher Temperament Inventory. Check them out with a friend! It’s loads of fun.

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